Ensure your solar project is On Point and On Time.

Throughout the project build, Solar Design Associates can provide valuable insight:
  • Providing detailed technical oversight during construction.
  • Collaborating closely with the project Construction Manager and field crew chief.
  • Allocating an SDA field engineer on-site during the installation of the first source circuits to confirm wire-management practices and other systemic details at the start of construction.
  • Providing full-time technical support via phone and email as needed.
  • Making periodic site visits during construction to assess the quality and progress of the work.
  • Reviewing and approval of contractor’s submittals for technical compliance.
  • Reviewing and responding to contractor RFIs.
  • Reviewing any and all requests for change orders and making recommendations to the Client Team.
  • Reviewing quality and completeness of contractor’s work in advance of contractor progress payments.
  • Accompanying code officials during on-site inspections.
  • Responding immediately and in detail to any technical concerns raised by code officials and defining required remedial work that may be required followed by overseeing proper implementation by the contractor.
  • Maintaining liaison with utility personnel having jurisdiction over the project.
  • As Engineer of Record, providing signed-and-sealed Construction Control Affidavits as required in the United States by State Building Codes.