Harvard Commissions Solar at Watertown Arsenal

Solar Design Associates partnered with Harvard University to provide a solar electric system for the historic Arsenal on the Charles River in Watertown, MA. The Watertown Arsenal houses a variety of businesses that provide services ranging from food to software to medicine. The energy intensive nature of such a building required a solar energy solution that would maximize production throughout the year to offset the energy demand from building tenants. Because of its historic location on the Charles River, the Watertown Arsenal also required an aesthetically pleasing solar solution.


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Solar Design Associates designed and engineered a PV system that meets both the power capacity and aesthetic demands of the site with a low-tilt SunPower array that provides a sleek look and maximum packing density for rooftop photovoltaics. The system also includes a lobby display to provide an avenue of education about the rooftop array to which visitors and occupants do not have regular access. The display includes information about the system components and installation process as well as an example of the PV module used on the roof.

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