The success of a project starts in the planning. 

Our initial site assessment process considers the suitability and cost effectiveness of the project, addressing both on-site characteristics as well as utility interconnection potential, the likelihood of project approval, the degree of project difficulty, the cost of potential upgrades, and evaluating the project time-frame. We can also assist project developers in identifying and qualifying project sites and opportunities while providing fatal-flaw analysis.

In conclusion of the initial site assessment, we can provide PV system sizing, a site plan, multiple array layouts, a system electrical single line, along with the specifics found below:

Rooftop PV System site assessment  
  • Conduct facility assessment including detailed field drawings of existing conditions.
  • Provide for engineering review of the building’s structural capability to accept the additional loading of a PV system.
  • Provide for the assessment of wind loading requirements.
  • Conduct solar access and shading studies.
  • Perform assessments of existing electrical service and distribution on-site and within facility.
  • Determine conduit routing, inverter placement, and PV system interconnection location and method.
Ground Mount System site assessment 
  • Direct, coordinate, and oversee civil/environmental/geo-tech engineers’ on-site assessment considering factors impacting site suitability, development, and utilization regarding:
    • Zoning and easements.
    • Environmental, archeological, and wetland concerns.
    • History of use and prior contamination.
  • Determine site access, development costs, and construction logistical issues.
  • Examine activities on adjacent land that could adversely impact the solar project.