Living Proof: Building The Bullitt Center

The Living Proof video below describes the innovative technology and forward thinking people that made the new Bullitt Center in Seattle a success. SDA worked with Miller Hull’s design team to design and engineer the 244kW PV system, which is one of the building’s most street-visible sustainable features. The Bullitt Center is being called the greenest office building in the world.

The video features construction progress of the PV array, showing the extensive steel structure that supports it on a cantilever¬†from the building. The large area of the array coupled with SunPower PV modules (the most efficient modules commercially available today), allows for the building to produce all of the energy it uses on an annual basis. SDA is excited to be part of a new standard of building that makes “giants leaps” towards creating better buildings for people and the environment.

Learn more about the building:

Read about SDA’s PV System Commissioning at the Bullitt Center