National Grid Power Plant in Dorchester

Utility PV Installation for National Grid, Dorchester, MA


Renewable energy generation is at the core of National Grid’s commitment to sustainable development. The utility company has recently installed 5MW of PV generation capacity throughout five sites in Massachusetts. National Grid teamed up with Solar Design Associates to develop their largest site in Dorchester, which totals 1.2MW. The array is located in the entrance corridor of Boston next to the iconic liquefied natural gas tank, both of which are easily seen from Route I-93. The prominent location provides exposure to National Grid’s commitment to the renewable energy future.

Solar Design Associates worked with National Grid from beginning to end to make this pioneering project possible. The Dorchester installation is sited on a brownfield, and nearly 500 concrete ballasts were employed to provide foundation for the array because no penetrations of the contaminated site were allowed.

As Owner’s Engineer, SDA developed the project concept with National Grid, completed the PV system design, then provided bid review and EPC selection. During the installation process, SDA provided technical construction support based on nearly 40 years of experience designing and installing PV systems.

The interconnection of this utility scale PV system was notable in that it required SDA to negotiate a medium voltage interconnection for a National Grid project with NSTAR, the local utility. Solar Design Associates managed the interconnection process and upon project completion, provided a witness commissioning complete with field verified performance testing.