NESEA Building Energy 2013

This year at the NESEA Building Energy conference, SDA will be conducting two workshops about PV system design and grid integration. On Tuesday, March 5th, our morning workshop will explore everything architects, engineers, and general contractors need to know to successfully incorporate photovoltaics into their projects. Our afternoon session will dive deeper into advanced PV system design for practitioners looking to learn about and discuss the technology, code, and marketplace aspects of PV.

Use our discount code (SPEAKERVIP) to save $100 off a 2-day pass (Wednesday, March 6th and Thursday, March 7th), or $50 off a 1-day pass (either Wednesday or Thursday).


NESEA Building Energy 13: SDA Workshops on Tuesday, March 5th


9:00AM – 12:00PM

PV 101: Grid-tied PV Systems for Architects, Engineers and General Contractors

Workshop Speakers: Steven StrongLuke McKneallyPat RetelleRobert Erb, Solar Design Associates
Location: Waterfront 1

Description: Everything your design and building team needs to know to successfully incorporate photovoltaics into their projects. Steven Strong and Solar Design Associates’ senior staff share 30 years of experience on hundreds of PV projects. Learn the efficiencies and costs of different system options, general sizing guidelines, design and mounting options, designing a solar-friendly building, load and harvest calculations, availability of financial incentives, permitting and installation issues and coordination with other trades.


2:00PM – 5:00PM

Advanced PV Design for Practitioners

Workshop Speakers: Steven StrongLuke McKneallyPat Retelle and Robert Erb, Solar Design Associates
Location: Waterfront 1

Description: This workshop compares system and component efficiencies – which hardware and systems configurations work best for different project types – as well as how to match an inverter with an array, solar access, grid interconnection, code compliance, disconnects, fusing, labeling, grounding and ground faults, fire safety issues, common errors to avoid, system commissioning and outlook for the PV marketplace through 2016.

See you there!