Groton School – Solar+Storage

Groton, MA

The Groton School, in Groton, MA was looking to install a photovoltaic system to provide renewable electricity to their master metered campus as well as to provide a learning experience for their students. SDA was contracted to provided them with a ground mounted solar array.

With the financial backing of an Angel Investor, SDA was able to add a Battery Electric Storage System (BESS) to the array. The BESS is able to charge during the day from the excess power produced by the solar system and dispatch that stored electricity back to the campus during periods of increased loads or when the PV system production wanes.

The BESS also provides additional revenue to the school by discharging its power during capacity and transmission events. These dispatches reduce the need for electricity to be provided by peeker generating plants, which notoriously produce dirtier forms of electricity.