Renewable Energy Provides Completely for Maine Residence

Custom Designed Renewable Energy House, Northern Maine


Solar Design Associates was commissioned by a private client to design a custom single-family home with fully integrated, high performance renewable energy systems. Located in northern Maine, the house has the capability to remain off the grid at any time of year in the event of a utility grid failure.

A high efficiency thermal envelope is paired with roof mounted solar thermal and solar electric systems. The house uses the sun’s thermal energy to heat water that is circulated in the radiant floor heating system and in the domestic hot water system. The solar PV collectors use the sun’s light energy to provide electricity to the house, and are coupled with a battery back-up system to provide energy storage that can be drawn upon in the absence of the utility grid. In its normal mode of operation, the PV inverter exports excess energy to the grid. The homeowners benefit from net metering, which enables them to receive credit for the energy they produce but do not use at the house.

Solar Design Associates has its roots in custom home design and building integrated photovoltaics. Since 1974, the company has continually pioneered the integration of active solar technologies into buildings. There is no better way to live your values than living in an energy responsive home that harvest the sun’s energy for all of your needs. There is no better partner than Solar Design Associates.