SDA leads the way as Walden Pond “Goes Solar”

Solar Design Associates was recently awarded the honor and privilege of engineering the state of the art PV system to be installed at the new Walden Pond Visitors Center.  The new visitors center will feature a 100 kW solar PV array mounted on parking canopies, and two electric vehicle charging stations.

Walden Pond is famous for being the home of leading Transcendentalist poet Henry David Thoreau, where he lived in seclusion for over two years in order to gain an understanding of society through personal introspective, self-sufficiency, and simple living.  His experience inspired him to write “Walden” which chronicled those two years and now serves as a staple of reading when studying American poetry.

It’s fitting that the paradise of Walden Pond that Thoreau held  in such high regard will be receiving high tech upgrades that help to maintain the serenity and peacefulness of the area.  The 100 kW PV array will supply electricity to the Visitors Center and reduce its dependency of fossil based fuels, and the electric car charging stations are a vital step in encouraging the adoption and use of plug-in electric vehicles.

“SDA is honored to be providing the design and engineering on this project.  Solar parking canopies and car charging stations are relatively new to the industry, and we are excited to be responsible for integrating them into a facility built around the serenity of Walden Pond”  Says Steven Strong, President of SDA.  He continues with “We are happy to work with people who share our vision of stewardship and sustainability.”

Walden Pond


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