PV Meets Industrial Energy Needs in New Jersey

The River Terminal Corporation retained Solar Design Associates to provide a solar electric system that would allow them to utilize the solar energy falling on the vast rooftop of their complex in New Jersey.

SDA performed a full assessment of the River Terminal facilities and proposed a two-phase plan to harvest over 2.5 MegaWatts of solar electricity from the roofs of their buildings. River Terminal then contracted with SDA on a design/build basis to deliver a complete, turn-key installation, providing a single source of responsibility for the entire project.

The power conversion equipment to interface the solar system with the campus utility distribution network is about the size of a small FedEx van and weighs roughly 12,000 pounds. The span of the PV array is nearly unbroken across the rooftop, providing that efficiency of space that is vital for maximizing energy production within a finite space. SDA furnished technical and financial feasibility assessments, full system design and engineering and complete construction documents, obtained all approvals, procured all materials, managed construction and performed a full system’s commissioning prior to turning the system over to the Owner. With the combination of state and federal incentives available and the high local electric rates, River Terminal’s investment will deliver a simple payback of under six years without any factor for future rate escalation.

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Solar Design Associates - PV Power Conversion Equipment at the River Terminal Corporation Complex
PV Power Conversion Equipment at the River Terminal Corporation Complex