Guarantee the quality of your project.

Solar Design Associates will work with you to select the right team of professionals for the job.

As the client’s engineer, we will:

  • Help the Client Team identify, qualify, and select installation contractors by developing technical and performance specifications.
  • Work with the Client Team to develop construction logistics, work flow, and schedule along with means and methods.
  • Assist the Client Team in developing an RFP or contract for the installing contractor by:
    • Providing detailed definitions of the installing contractor’s Scope-of-Work including material supply and handling.
    • Defining commissioning protocol
    • Defining system operational requirements contractors must satisfy during project close-out before receiving final payment.
    • Clarifying warranty provisions and responsibilities.
    • Preparing collateral technical materials for bid packaging and distribution.
  • Address technical aspects and help conduct the pre-bid conference with the Client Team.
  • Assist the Client Team in evaluating installing contractor bids.
  • Assist the Client Team in negotiations with candidate contractors including detailed project scopes.
  • Conduct a pre-construction conference for selected installation contractor to sort out QA/QC, schedule, logistics, job-site safety, commissioning, and project close-out requirements.