School for International Training

Brattleboro, Vermont

The World Learning School for International Training (SIT) offers accredited master’s degree programs as well as undergraduate study abroad programs with the goal of expanding students’ global understanding of the world and increasing their communication and leadership skills. Inspired by a student and faculty led initiative, the organization released a “Climate Action Plan” that featured on-campus solar, bike shares, and EV charging stations. 

SDA was retained for the system design while working with local renewable energy developer, Dynamic Organics, throughout the construction phase of the project. Project funding was made possible through partnering with Sunwealth, a clean energy investment firm, allowing World Learning, a non-profit, to take advantage of federal rebate benefits and make the project a reality.

Sited at the crown of a hilltop, the 196.5kWdc ground mount system will help the campus achieve $10,000 in energy savings per year while also mitigating 183 metric tons of carbon and helping to drive the SIT campus towards its final goal of becoming carbon neutral.