Semi-Transparent Solar on Harvard Square Atrium Produces Power, Reduces Solar Gain, and Improves the Comfort in the Space Below.

Trinity Featured Image

Located in the heart of Harvard Square, and home to such businesses as The Harvard Coop and The Sinclair, 50 Church Street has recently gone solar with the addition of a 66kWac PV system engineered by Solar Design Associates.

Commissioned by Trinity Property Management, Solar Design Associates utilized its vast experience with building integrated PV to design an electrically productive yet architecturally engaging solar PV system atop the building’s glass atrium.

Utilizing semi-transparent bifacial modules from Lumos Solar, SDA engineered ~25kWdc of modules above the glass atrium to provide not only a steady stream of renewable electricity, but also to provide “filtered” natural lighting to the atrium below.

Check out the Trinity – Harvard Square project page as well as the project’s article in Solar Power World.