Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion Wins Grand Honor

Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion, Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston

October 2011– The Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion, located on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston’s financial district, has received the Grand Honor Award from the Build New England awards program, put on by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) to recognize project teams that execute outstanding design, structure, and planning.

The pavilion concept was an initiative of the Boston Harbor Island Alliance and the National Park Service. The new greenspace and structures now serve as an inviting location where visitors can collect information and tickets to the ferry service to the Boston harbor islands. It also prominently displays a solar photovoltaic system, designed and commissioned by SDA, on a curved concrete form that serves as the roof.

The utility-interactive solar electric system generates energy to power the building, and is also able to export surplus energy to the utility grid when it cannot be used on site. The system was designed to match the energy consumption on site, therefore rendering the pavilion a net zero energy user. SDA partnered with Utile, SGH, and Turner, all of whom collaborated closely to design and construct the thoughtful structure.

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Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion Sculptural Roof with PV