Bullitt Center Construction Update

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Construction of Seattle’s new Bullitt Center, which was featured last month in TIME magazine, is underway. The Center, designed by architects Miller|Hull, is slated to be the nation’s most environmentally progressive commercial building. It will achieve LEED Platinum status, meet the 2030 Challenge and the Living Building Challenge, plus achieve zero net water use and zero net energy use. Solar Design Associates designed the PV system which provides nearly 250kW of capacity that will supply all of the energy needs for the building on an annual basis.

Most of the building structure and façade are in place, and installation the PV array is making rapid progress on the dedicated structure above the roof. Members of the SDA team went to Seattle last week to document the process and provide technical construction assistance. This project is noteworthy because of its advanced and thoughtful application of building systems including water, energy, and envelope. We are excited to see it come to life.